With nearly 15 years of authority in sports, anti-aging medicine, nutrition, and mindfullness, Dr. Maglione is a leading physician on a mission to transform the health of companies, leaders, and organizations.

Nutrition, workout, food supplements and mindfulness is the secret to adding life to your years. In one word: LONGEVITY !

Every day, the challenges in the world are becoming increasingly demanding, in the fields of work, sport and private life.

Addressing them in the best way is knowing how to choose a strategy that allows you to reap the best results.

Beauty, fitness, a peaceful mind is the result of a mix of factors.

Food, discipline and goals help us achieve them and live a full and long life.

We don’t need to add years to our life, but life to our years. DR. MAGLIONE


“An unconventional-talking physician, performance expert, nutrition expert, and mindfulness advocate with a side of sass and soul.”

Dr. Francesco Maglione, M.D.,  is a sport nutrition specialist, high performance coach, sought out keynote speaker, and sports addict. He is the first italian to make a healthy project at University of South Florida in Tampa for online nutrition coaching american people with italian recipes.

With nearly 15 years of expertise and his signature style, energy, and sass, Dr. Maglione delivers dynamic corporate wellness keynotes and workshops, aesthetic medicine lectures, nutrition lectures, sport medicine lectures, and high performance consulting.

He is an in-demand speaker, he is featured in Tampa Fox, Tampa Bay Post, Moldova News, and other USA, Romanian and Switzerland media outlets.

Dr. Maglione has worked with Grammy-award winning musicians, top PGA / IronMan(Triathlon) / UCI / ATP athletes, and Fortune 500 company executives.


Dr. Maglione is available for keynote speaking, consultant and coaching in:

  • USA
  • UEA

He speaks fluently:

  • English;
  • Romanian;
  • Italian;
  • Spanish